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"The Kevin Show" is here! and it's a national bestseller! 



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You can read an excerpt on Longreads. And here's one and two morsels about sailing for the New Yorker, a manifesto for Wired about how Instagram is ruining travel, a look at kiwi mental health for Vice and some recommended Longreads

In case you missed it, here's NPR's Studio 360 segment on the book, coverage from NPR's sports show, as well as Slate's The Gist

Here's what people are saying about it: 

“Absorbing and empathetic…Pilon is a paragon of dogged research. She’s best in reconstructing (via hundreds of hours of interviews) the intertwined life struggles of Hall, his steadfast sweetheart and eventual wife, his vexed parents and some denizens of the competitive sailing world. Her attempts to reach Hall’s 'inner world' display levels of empathy that touch the heart.” – New York Times Book Review

"As [The Kevin Show] journeys through Hall's illness, it also forces readers to consider the 'sanity' of their own relationship to a media-saturated world . . . Grippingly provocative reading." - Kirkus Reviews

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"Pilon’s compelling portrait of a remarkable young man and the challenges he faces as a cancer survivor, Olympic athlete, and bipolar patient underscores all the difficulties involved, especially in treating mental illness, and offers insights into the effects it has on patients and their families." - Booklist

"Draws attention to the toll of mental illness on individuals and their families." - Publishers Weekly

"Pilon's empathetic approach and Hall's precise expression of his unique inner world make this an important biographical study for mental health collections, sports fans, and readers interested in the increasingly blurry line between fantasy and reality." - Library Journal

“I was impressed by how deeply and empathetically Pilon describes what Hall was thinking during episodes in which he thought everything he did was being guided by a director. She also points out something I’d never considered, which is that we often hear about how bipolar disorder affects artists and even contributes to their unique work—but we never really talk about athletes who are affected. Pilon’s book pushes the conversation a little further with Hall, who is clearly a brilliant athlete and a fascinating person.'“ -Outside

"Spellbinding. Brilliant. A true-life psychological thriller that captures the ongoing drama of a major mental illness as it unfolds while also recognizing its complexity and majesty." - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., bestselling author of DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION

"A captivating narrative that details the many challenges Hall has faced as a result of his disorder . . . Sharp and compelling, this highly entertaining account will reframe the way you see mental health in everyday life." - Bustle

"With impressive detail and sensitivity, journalist Mary Pilon, captures the highs and lows of Kevin’s life with mental illness.” - Real Simple

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